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Vineyard Sources

Santa Barbara County and the California's Central Coast landscape, is home to numerous vineyards. Our winemaker, Brett Escalera is excited to have access to a wide array of these incredible vineyard sources.  

Sanger Estate Vineyard & Olive Farm

The Sanger Estate Vineyard and Olive Farm is the only olive grove in the United States exclusively planted to the Lucca variety. Our 1,700 trees are planted on 11 acres and have been producing high quality olives for more than a decade.

This unusual variety is ideally suited for the Central Coast climate. In addition to its big peppery flavor, the Lucca olive trees thrive in the temperate climate of the Santa Ynez Valley, and grow olives that have an abundance of oil for their size.

The olives are milled at Figueroa Farms here in the Santa Ynez Valley, where they are ground to a paste, then malaxed (the industry's term for "mixed"), helping the small oil globules meld into larger ones. The paste is then put into a centrifuge to separate the oil from the solids before being filtered and finally, is rested in barrels to settle and clear.

Our 100% extra-virgin Lucca olive oil is intended as a finishing oil to enhance food, whether drizzled on top or used in a vinaigrette.

For our flavored oils, the Arbequina olive is used as a foundation for the flavors. This olive has a sweet zest that enhances the aroma and taste of these flavored olive oils. At a time of low yields we source oils from known quality producers. These infused oils are produced by a small family operation here in California, as devoted to olive oil as we are. 

Sanger Vineyard - Santa Rita Hills

This vineyard off of Sweeney Canyon, in the cool Sta. Rita Hills AVA, offers ideal growing conditions for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines that were planted there in 2008. The site’s proximity to the coast ensures that the nights are cool, and the days are warm. The temperature shifts lead to a prosperous growing season, bringing out complex flavors and aromas in the grapes. 

Estelle Vineyard

The Estelle Vineyard is planted in a particularly fortuitous part of the Santa Ynez Valley, and located adjacent to the Sanger Estate Vineyard. Its location allows it to benefit from elevated daytime heat levels, balanced by the cooling assistance of the ocean. A relatively young vineyard, the combination of ideal temperature shifts, and its soil composition, offer perfect conditions for vines. 

La Presa Vineyard

The first grapes were planted at La Presa by the Caldwell family in 1974. The vineyard is located down the road from the Old Mission Santa Ynés, just outside of Solvang. Although they grow nine different grape varieties, they are particularly well known for high quality Petite Sirah. 

Mormann Vineyard

Located in the Santa Rita Hills AVA, this vineyard benefits from cool ocean breezes blowing in every night. It’s a perfect site for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and there’s even a bit of Syrah planted here as well. 

Star Lane Vineyard

This vineyard is located in the Happy Canyon AVA of Santa Barbara,  the easternmost area of Santa Barbara wine country. Being far away from the ocean, the fog burns off early and the proximity to the foothills allows heat to build up over the course of the day. The constant  temperature shift between heat and cold, means the vines are a little more stressed out, resulting in better flavor in the wine. 

Tierra Alta Vineyard

Tierra Alta is a 55 acre vineyard located in a cooler sub-AVA called Ballard Canyon. Just over the hill from Los Olivos, the steep slopes of the vineyard, combined with a lot of limestone in the soil, all result in perfect growing conditions for Syrah and Grenache.