2007 Zinfandel Port Dry Creek Vineyard

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Tasting Notes:

That little red guy with the tiny horns and tail is back and he is cheering as you pull the cork from a bottle of Consilience Zinfandel Port. Just one sip and you want to keep the port all for yourself. After all, why else would the bottle be personal sized? You remind yourself that generosity is a virtue and so you share, but only with your favorite friends. A little indulgence is good for the soul and so you ponder decadent port pairings like flourless chocolate cake, espresso truffles, crème brulee and New York cheesecake…yummmmm. Then all of a sudden, inspiration strikes like lightning and you have the best Sunday morning pairing idea yet – waffles and port, the "new" breakfast of champions!

293 cases produced

100% Zinfandel, brandy fortified

Varietal Characteristics

Zinfandel has fruity character ranging from raspberry to blackberry; it is generally defined as sweet, and can also show spicy, peppery notes and has a medium body, making Zinfandel an easy wine for many novice drinkers to approach.

Vineyard Source

We use Dry Creek Vineyard in Sonoma County for our Zinfandel Port.


2007 Zinfandel Port Dry Creek Vineyard