2011 loh-RAY-roo Santa Barbara County

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Tasting Notes:

Winemaker Notes

Believe it or not, Loureiro (pronounced Loh-RAY-roo) is the actual name of a grape varietal. It is planted mostly in Spain and Portugal but it also grows beautifully in the Santa Ynez Valley with its warm days and cool nights.  Pour a glass and you’re greeted by inviting aromas of white flowers, lime blossom, and peach that lead to a lush, multi-layered palate of pineapple and white nectarine with hints of honey and fresh thyme.  As the wine warms up, the nose transforms and you’re treated to an exotic bouquet of Japanese shiso leaf, jasmine and hints of acacia flowers. Though food isn’t necessary to enjoy this beauty, it is delicious with dishes like shrimp ceviche, Thai pineapple chicken curry, or seafood paella.  Salud!  

73 cases produced     

94% Loureiro, 4% Roussanne, 2% Albarino                

Varietal Characteristics        

Louriero wines have an herbal quality that makes them very distinctive and easily identifiable. Essences of laurel blossoms (bay leaves) sometimes be compared to the smell and flavor of juniper (think of gin) balanced with good acidity makes this wine a great compliment to spicy Asian dishes!

Vineyard Source

We sourced our 2011 Louriero from the Estelle Vineyard in the Happy Canyon AVA, a warm climate area of the Santa Ynez Valley.  This vineyard site is optimal for the Italian grape allowing full flavor development.

2011 loh-RAY-roo Santa Barbara County