2012 Nebbiolo Santa Barbara County

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Tasting Notes:

If you've ever tasted Barolo or Barbaresco, then you've tasted Nebbiolo.  It's a fussy grape to grow well, usually requiring a vineyard located somewhere susceptibleto fog and heat. Cooling wind doesn't hurt either. It's aged for 15 month in neutral French oak barrels, softtening it up a bit but retaining its basic character. While predominantly comprised of Nebbiolo, with just a touch of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvigon, this wine is great with pizza or pasta, but shines with bigger, slower-cooked meat dishes like lamb shanks or a pork roast. It's a great wine for the winter.

94% Nebbiolo, 3% Grenache and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon

Barrel aged: 15 months in neutral French oak barrels

46 cases produced

2012 Nebbiolo Santa Barbara County