2013 Marianello Cielo Rubio

Price: 48.00

Tasting Notes:

Our Marianello Cielo Rubio is inspired by the great Super Tuscan wines of Italy. Originally conceived as a means to think outside of the box in the Chianti region, these wines forced everyone to rethink the possibilities of Sangiovese, particularly when blended with other varieties.

Ours maximizes the climate of California’s central coast, starting with Sangiovese (36% ),  adding Merlot (16%), Cabernet Sauvignon (12%) and Petite Sirah (36%) - a variety that’s not even grown in Italy (and they have over 850 documented varieties that have been granted “official” status).

This is a big, rich wine that really shines with robust beef dishes or pastas with a bit of spice. Serve it a little cooler than room temp (refrigerate for 20 minutes before serving) to really bring out its flavor!

417 cases produced

2013 Marianello Cielo Rubio