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Unveiling Our Story: Crafting Excellence from our Santa Ynez Vineyard and Olive Grove

We produce wines under three distinctive labels—Consilience, Tre Anelli, and Marianello. These three labels unfold the enchanting tapestry of the Mediterranean wine experience in both wine and culture. Nestled in the heart of the California Central Coast, our wines are a harmonious blend of this unique region's terrior, and the timeless allure of the Old World Mediterranean experience.

At The Sanger Family of Wines, our vision is simple yet profound: to create exceptional wines that encapsulate the spirit of both the California Central Coast and the Old World, resulting in a collection that is as unique as it is captivating. Each label—Consilience, Tre Anelli, and Marianello—contributes its distinctive character, producing wines that tell a story of heritage, artisan style, and passion.

Consilience was, at first, one label and stood as its' own brand. Concieved in 1997, our Consilience label celebrates the rich and captivating flavors of French- style wines and varietals, produced in bold and expressive New World style.

The first Tre Anelli wine was created in 2007 and leans in on the potential for diversity in the Santa Ynez Valley. With our Tre Anelli label, uncommon Spanish and Portuguese varietals are showcased, offering a taste of the region's distinctive terroir.

Marianello is a heartfelt tribute to Bill Sanger's Italian heritage, exclusively featuring Italian varietals and Italian-style blends. The inspiration behind the name Marianello is a poignant fusion of his grandparents' names, Maria and Nello to honor their memory. Each sip of Marianello is a loving homage to family roots, encapsulating the rich history and cultural legacy that defines our winemaking journey.

The union of these brands under The Sanger Family of Wines umbrella in December 2013 marked the beginning of a collective commitment to excellence. Our home in Solvang, California, serves as the perfect backdrop for this oenophilic adventure—a place where innovation meets tradition, and every sip transports you to a world where vineyards embrace the sun-drenched landscapes of the Central Coast.

Join us in Solvang and become a part of a journey where tradition, innovation, and passion converge, giving rise to an unparalleled wine experience. Cheers to the extraordinary flavors of The Sanger Family of Wines!

Bill & Jan Sanger

As a first-generation Italian-American, Bill Sanger grew up surrounded by the flavors and traditions of old Italy.

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Winemaker Brett Escalera

Winemaker Brett Escalera grew up in the Central Coast surf town of Carpenteria. His first exposure to wine was through his grandfathers, both avid home winemakers.

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Most of the fruit used by The Sanger Family of Wines, is grown in the Santa Ynez Valley, on California’s Central Coast.

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