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Bill & Jan Sanger

In the vibrant tapestry of The Sanger Family of Wines, the roots run deep, intertwining the rich heritage of Bill Sanger and the influence of Jan's French and English descent.

Bill, a first-generation Italian-American, found his childhood enriched by the flavors and traditions of old Italy. His grandparents, Maria and Nello Ercolani, were olive farmers in Italy, cultivating the land with a dedication that has become the inspiration behind the name Marianello. Imbued with the essence of their devotion to the olive groves, the name pays homage to the ancestral connection that now echoes in every bottle.

Growing up, Bill's family not only exposed him to the timeless Italian respect for art, food, and wine, but also instilled in him the profound understanding that life's most meaningful moments unfold around the dinner table. These dinnertime conversations kindled a deep-seated desire to share the richness of life with others, laying the foundation for The Sanger Family of Wines' ethos.

On the other side of the story is Jan, whose family roots are firmly planted in French and English heritage. Raised in Montreal, a culinary haven, the French side of her ancestry took center stage in shaping her love for culture. Frequent visits to France further fueled her passion for food, art, and fashion, culminating in a spirit of joie de vivre that now forms the beating heart of The Sanger Family of Wines experience.

Together, Bill and Jan weave a narrative that transcends borders, blending Italian and French influences into the world of winemaking. Join us on this extraordinary journey at The Sanger Family of Wines, where each bottle is a testament to heritage, passion, and the timeless connection between family and the land.