2012 Chardonnay Santa Barbara County

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Tasting Notes:

Our winemaker Brett continues to prove his talent with the exciting release of our first Chardonnay!

Imagine yourself sitting on a terrace in the South of France. While overlooking the rolling plains and caressed by the silent breeze, you take a sip of something fruity, smooth, and soft. Now, even though the destination might not seem attainable just now, this wine surely is.

With a first time production, this Chardonnay consisting of 85% La Presa Chardonnay, 10% Estelle Grenache Blanc, and 5% Estelle Loureiro, will give you a the hint of apple, low tannins, and a buttery smooth finish that will make any summer day seem like vacation.  

124 cases produced

2012 Chardonnay Santa Barbara County