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We are pleased to present Minnesota spices from Wayzata Bay. They use only the freshest herbs and spices to create masterful spice blends. 

Bloody Mary Seasoning
As the name implies, this seasoning tastes much like a Bloody Mary. In fact, many people use the seasoning to make Bloody Marys. That, however, is not why we created this seasoning. It can be shaken or rubbed onto almost any meat for incredible flavor. The seasoning is spicy-hot. It contains both Tabasco powder and a touch of horseradish.  

Holy Cow Hamburger Seasoning
Holy Cow is right! Sprinkle on any burger while cooking for the best flavor. There's a variety of flavors just itching to come out: onion, pepper, garlic, worcestershire sauce powder and basil just to name a few. Firing up the grill now?!

Italian Dipping Spice
This is a salt free blend of herbs and spices. A great seasoning for cheese bread, potatoes or chicken. Also makes is a splendid salad dressing component!

Jay's Garden Blend
Jay's Garden Blend combines the wonderful flavor of shallots, the smooth flavors of herbs and a hint of pepperiness with the cracked green peppercorns. This creates a seasoning that is fantastic with seafood, chicken, veal, and Cornish Game Hen. Vegetables, especially potatoes, and salad dressings also benefit from the fine flavors locked inside this seasoning.  

Sprinke on meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. It tastes good on everything!

Wayzata Bay Spices